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At Living Talent, we are guided by the principles of value and purpose. We’re a resourcefully driven recruiting and talent acquisition company with the passion to reinvent the candidate experience and the way companies search for great people

We believe the future of staffing is bound to relevant and comprehensive information. How that information is distributed, how a company leverages technology to interact and share information with potential hires, and how talented people can use the digital ecosystem to make more informed decisions. We strive to use the best practices within digital distribution, advisory automation and AI to surround ourselves with talent communities and customers who are ready for something different.

Total Talent Strategy And Acquisition

Acquiring and retaining talent is more challenging today than ever before. Business leaders need a dynamic partner who is capable of blending digital distribution, process automation, with Talent Acquisition Strategy.

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If You Have To Work, Why Not Have It Be Awesome

Let’s face it, we spend more time working than anything else. Companies that offer amazing opportunity or are highly purposed are our specialty. See how we define Value and Purpose.

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After many years in the technology consulting and staffing world the time for reinvention had come. With nothing more than a desire and mission to do better, The Living Talent Company was born.

As active contributors to the evolution of the staffing industry, we were convinced that there was a better approach than what had been done the past 20 years. All around us our competitors were doing the same thing year after year, up market or down. Something was missing. We decided to turn things a bit upside down, and start to develop digital talent communities, with Living Talent driving interaction within those communities. Sure we were interested in placing great people, but we decided to focus less on the placement and more on the people.

By surrounding ourselves with great people and actively contributing to their growth, we found a connection with our clients and candidates that had been lost. Living Talent’s mission is to add value to all of our relationships whether they result in a revenue stream or not. To truly be part of a community is to contribute on many levels. We are experts in what we do, and we want to share that expertise with you. It is our hope by visiting this site, you learn something valuable, gain some insight into your industry and perhaps find a trusted talent partner.

Live Well. Live Talented

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Why Work With Living Talent?

Executive Search

There are a lot of executive search models out there, but with large upfront costs, hefty travel expenses, and often lengthy completion times, we just didn’t see the immediate value to our customers. Our executive search methodology was built using an Agile process which is a much more iterative approach to filling an Executive role.

We charge a small up-front fee (typically 10% or less), which we call a Container Fee, and are comfortable with the balance being paid when the search is complete We have seen so many times that requirements are a moving target, especially at the executive level. Sure, this makes things challenging, however, this is where process takes over and we excel quickly. In fact we are typically able to fill most executive openings in under 60 days.

Temporary Staffing

Living Talent is pleased to announce that effective January 2019 we will be offering full service temporary staffing solutions. The staff at Living Talent bring more than 25 year of temporary staffing experience, servicing some of the largest national Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 firms in the country. With more than 10,000 placements under our belt, there’s not much we haven’t seen over the years.

We bring the same level of focus and quality control to the table as we do with even our most senior Executive opportunity. We find this is not the norm out there, and more often then not our competitors lack the deep dive skills we have developed over time or are more concerned about calculating their margins. Just because the hire is temporary doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality, ability or fit.

Concierge Services

In the past the thought was that healthy competition between and amongst staffing firms would lead to the best level of service, if for nothing more than self interest. Over the years we have learned that the most efficient and cost conscious approach is to partner with fewer providers but provide them with the opportunity understand your organization deeply.

Living Talent’s Concierge Services take this to another level by offering a quarterly or annual fee that is all inclusive. This is not the same as traditional RPO but rather the merging of  our executive search methodology, advisory services with the cost savings of recruitment outsourcing. If you are looking for a platinum level of service, that is truly bespoke our Concierge Services might be the right choice for you.

Contingency Placement

Sometimes you need to fill as few as a single opportunity but would like to get the same level of commitment that you would if you were paying a substantial retainer. Well, at Living Talent, quality is not contingent upon quantity, and we see no reason that you should not receive the same commitment to excellence as that of an executive search.

We realized a long time ago, that the qualities of good employees are the same regardless of level or position. By creating a candidate and client experience that is second to none, we  attract the type of talent you are looking to hire. That translates into faster and more efficient hiring for you. Give us a test drive. You won’t regret it.


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